Hey, I’m Mathias Lafeldt, an indie product engineer who loves building delightful tools for developers. 🛠

I always wanted to have a place of my own to write about serverless. With this site, I’m doubling down on an exciting opportunity based on my firm belief that the future belongs to serverless architectures and developers who can write useful software without touching a single server – more managed services, less undifferentiated heavy lifting.

The lovely Rust programming language is an excellent fit for fast and robust cloud applications. While most end users don’t care about backend infrastructure, they do care about the results of our technology choices: reliability, security, performance, and innovation speed, to name a few. That’s why I’m so bullish on serverless and Rust. 🦀

My ultimate goal is to create successful products that solve actual problems in an appealing way. And I want to help other makers achieve the same.

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